Event review: Improve Women's & Girls' Mental Health

“Transforming the mental and emotional health of 650m women and girls in the developed world”.

... This is the very ambitious mission of Zinc, a 6-month full-time programme bringing together 50 talented individuals across sectors to co-found and launch their brand-new tech businesses. Fede Trimarchi, founder of The Mood Club attended an event they hosted with WeWork in London to learn how to create and support scalable tech solutions for mental health.

The founders of mission 1 (because Zinc is already planning the future ones) are a mix of medical doctors, tech experts, social innovators and entrepreneurs, with technical, consumer-focused and commercial/operational skills and experience. Before building their new products and businesses, the founders spend the first 3 months exploring the problems they want to solve, researching the unmet needs of consumers and assess the commercial opportunities to meet those needs. They opened up this challenge to the public, by inviting people from cross areas to join forces and collectively brainstorm on the topics they have identified in relation to women’s mental and emotional health. 

More than 100 people from different sectors and background got together for an inspiring afternoon, to meet the founders, learn more about their progress and start a conversation about mental health issues.  Zinc founders led 20 different group sessions around money and finances, later life, relationship to sex, pregnancy and parenting, unemployment, young people and much more. 

I went to a session on perinatal mental health where we discussed the practical and emotional challenges of new parents and the importance of connectivity and peer support within a community, and mapped out the existing services and technologies operating in the space.

Then, I had a very interesting group discussion on the best ways to measure mental wellbeing, with a focus on mood tracking, journaling and effective ways to collect and analyse data to identify early signs of mental health issues.

It was so refreshing to see many people coming together around such an important topic and willing to get involved in identifying key areas of work, providing insights and applying their expertise in a new way to find effective solutions.

Zinc is planning to host other events to involved passionate individuals in helping and supporting the founders achieving their big mission! To get involved in future opportunities and events, zinc.vc/join

Fede Trimarchi

Founder of The Mood Club. A community of unstoppable women to support and encourage each other, share challenges and celebrate success about life, having fun along the way.